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Fiona Roberton

Caroline Walsh
Film, TV and Stage Agent:
Georgie Smith
Translation Rights Contact:
Ellie Gratton

Fiona Roberton was raised by wolves and has only recently learned to walk upright. After leaving school at 16 she worked and travelled around the world. She studied design in London and New York, and first found gainful employment in the music industry. This mostly involved making things fit into 12×12 squares and taking pop stars’ dogs for walks, which inspired her to travel some more.

She was living in Australia when her first picture book, Wanted: The Perfect Pet, was picked up by Penguin and subsequently published internationally.

She now designs much bigger stuff, mostly for TV and the like, and writes and illustrates children’s books, using a pencil clamped firmly between her toothy jaws, and a paint brush clamped firmly between her furry paws. She currently resides in leafy London.


Selected titles