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Geoffrey Wall

Geoffrey Wall is a literary biographer, translator and travel writer. (By day he teaches French at the University of York.) His most recent publication is a biography of Gustave Flaubert (Faber 2001 & Farrar Strauss Giroux 2002). Shortlisted for the Whitbread Prize, described in the Sunday Telegraph as ‘one of the best biographies of this or any other year’, Flaubert: A Life has also been published in French (by Editions Bibliophane 2003) and in Spanish ( by Paidos Iberica 2003).
Geoffrey Wall is the author of various translations: an acclaimed version of Flaubert’s Madame Bovary (Penguin 1992), a translation of Flaubert’s Letters (Penguin 1994) and an anthology of Sartre’s journalism entitled Modern Times (Penguin 2000).
Geoffrey Wall edits the Cambridge Quarterly and writes for a wide range of journals, magazines and newspapers: the London Review of Books, the New York Review of Books, the Guardian, the Daily Express, the Sunday Telegraph and the Traveller.