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Kate J. Armstrong

Christabel McKinley
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Kate J. Armstrong spent her childhood in Washington, D.C. and Fairfax, Virginia furtively penning stories about foul-mouthed dragons and, this one time, an epic poem about her intense love for Batman. After getting a degree in English, two of her favorite high school teachers changed her life by convincing her to go on a solo adventure through Europe, where she fell in love with travel (and the charming Australian she later married).

She moved Down Under, where she went night diving with sharks, discovered her first rainforests, and developed a healthy fear of crocodiles. She also got a masters degree in journalism: her teachers tried to get her to pen hard-hitting articles, but she spent most of her time writing novels. She went on to be both a high school English teacher and nonfiction editor, working on beautiful books about nature, history, science and, this one time, Star Trek. Her writing has been published by National Geographic and others. All the while, she wrote stories full of magic and so many feelings.

When she isn’t writing novels you can find her hiking up mountains, producing her podcast about women in history, and reading way past her bedtime. She lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband.

Check out her podcast, The Exploress.