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Kitty Charles

Kitty was born in 1970 to parents who worked in the Foreign Office. She attended thirteen different schools, speaks five languages and became a Brownie Guides egg and spoon champion aged 8. She has worked as a nightclub cocktail maker, a wardrobe assistant at BBC Pebble Mill and a Postwoman. She can touch her nose with her tongue and identify a designer handbag at fifty paces.

Kitty Charles is in fact the alter ego of six bestselling women’s fiction authors who have sold 2.1 million books between them…but as to who they are? Kitty’s lips are firmly sealed.

Kitty Charles’ debut The Arcade was first published as a monthly serial exclusively in ebook. The first twelve episodes were published together in one volume as Where Dreams Come True: A Year in The Arcade, and the second year concluded in December 2014.