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Megan Shepherd

Caroline Walsh
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New York Times bestselling author Megan Shepherd was “born” into writing, as the daughter of booksellers who raised her behind the counter of their independent bookstore in Western North Carolina. A long-time fan of children’s literature, she first took an interest in writing as a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal, West Africa, where she collected oral folktales and compiled them into an illustrated book for use in local schools. Her time in Senegal, as well as time abroad in Costa Rica, Spain, Scotland, Luxembourg, and Switzerland heavily influence her writing. Megan loves to discover those subtle ways in which people are the same, despite their different cultures and backgrounds.

Megan has published articles in various children’s magazines and previously worked in the marketing department of an independent publishing company, where she organized author tours and book promotion. When she is not writing, she can usually be found daydreaming in cafes, hiking in the mountains, and gardening at her 125-year-old farm, which she and her husband and baby share with several hives of bees, nine chickens, two cats, and an especially scruffy dog.

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