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Roy Lewis

Georgia Glover
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Sophia Hadjipateras

Roy Lewis was brought up in Birmingham, and studied at University College, Oxford and the London School of Economics. He began his career as an economist, but after serving as an editor on the journal The Statist, he became interested in journalism. He took a sabbatical in 1938 to travel to Australia and India. He married Christine Tew in 1939, after returning to England. They had two daughters.

In 1957,  he set up the Keepsake Press, initially to hand-print family ephemera. He soon began serious, though small-scale, production and by the time infirmity forced him to discontinue in 1990 he had brought out over a hundred titles.

The majority of the books that Lewis wrote or edited, often jointly, were nonfiction and closely related to his journalism. However, he is best known for his 1960 novel The Evolution Man, which went through six editions under a number of titles. Continuing authorship into old age, Lewis published a second novel in 1990, followed by a novella in 1991 and a further novel in 1995. All three of these later fictions were provocative reinterpretations of Victorian times.