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3 Commando Brigade in the Falklands (Updated 25th Anniversary Edition of No Picnic)

When originally published in 1985 No Picnic was the first major account of the Falklands War to come from the pen of a senior participant.  This is the third time it has been updated and many critics regard it as the most perceptive description of the momentous events of April to June 1982.


In this latest edition, published to coincide with the 25th Anniversary of the War, the author has made substantial revisions, many giving his original account a more personal feel.


Two factors in particular explain the enduring success of General Julian Thompson’s account.  First, as Commander of the spearhead 3 Commando Brigade, he was in a unique position before and during hostilities to understand the whole picture as the drama unfolded.  He is able to provide important insights into the enormity of the risks involved and the way these were met by commanders and men on the ground – and at sea and in the air.


Secondly, by great good fortune it transpired that Thompson was not only a superb commander but also a gifted writer.  Since then he has established himself as a leading military historian.


This new edition is a beautifully crafted, fluent and fresh account of the war.  No Picnic can be wholeheartedly recommended for its graphic description of a short, brutal but happily successful campaign by one who was at the centre of the action.



Julian Thompson has acted as consultant and presenter of D-Day, VE Day and VJ Day television programmes for the BBC....