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50 Ways to Survive the Crunch

UK Publisher: Headline

Are you embarrassed that you can no longer fly off in your private jet to Barbados for Christmas? Downright mortified you can’t pay for your wife’s much-needed facelift? Humiliated that you can no longer afford to snort cocaine off a prostitute’s backside? Well, have no fear, for the special credit crunch price of £5.99, Cityboy instructs you how to come to terms with your newly reduced financial circumstances without losing face (substitute talcum powder for charlie).

Aided by helpful drawings and diagrams, he explains how to keep your job and your partner (send her out caroling to pay for Christmas dinner), or, failing that, find new ones. Finally, he shows you how to save cash whilst giving the impression that you’re actually living a more luxurious life than ever before (photoshop photos of your kids onto some exotic backdrop and past liberally over facebook).