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A Tale of 12 Kitchens: Family Cooking in Four Countries

UK Publisher: Artisan Publishers

This book is the result of Jake’s lifelong passion. Teeming with recipes and references, it recounts Jake’s lifelong adventures with food. It dips into cuisines as varied as Tuscan, Mexican, Scottish and American, selecting wonderful – and above all, easy – dishes for family cooking.

Jake looks at food in a completely fresh way, as something which binds all the bits of life together – family, work, journeys, homes, holidays, thoughts and memories. He may return to his mother’s recipes or observe how breakfast is served in a New York diner and how well it goes with jetlag.

Or he’ll share his experience of plucking a duck in the snow, choosing a pie in a Scottish bakery with his daughter, or locating an exotic ingredient in Peckham.