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A Trillion Trees

UK Publisher: Granta Books
US Publisher: Greystone

**A Book of the Year in The Times and the Sunday Times **

Trees are essential, for nature and for us. Yet we are cutting and burning them at such a rate that we are fast approaching a tipping point.

But there is still hope. If we had a trillion more trees, the damage could be undone. Combining cutting-edge scientific research with vivid travel writing, Fred Pearce shows how we achieve this. Challenging received wisdom about the need for planting, he explains why the best strategy is to stand back, stop the destruction and let nature – and those who dwell in the forests – do the rest.

Lucid, revelatory and often surprising, A Trillion Trees is an environmental call to arms, and a celebration of our planet’s vast arboreal riches.


‘Masterly… A deeply reported study of the world’s forests… What makes Pearce’s writing so engaging is his willingness to grapple with scientific and ethical complexity, to offer air time to findings that go against the grain of current environmental thought… A Trillion Trees is a stirring and surprising book that leaps from country to country, from case study to case study, in a manner reminiscent of Elizabeth Kolbert’s The Sixth Extinction… If you care about the future of the planet, you have to read this book’

Cal Flyn in The Times

Fred Pearce has spent a lifetime exploring the geography of the planet as an environmental and science journalist. He has...