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Adventures of Captain Pugwash: Captain Pugwash Sets Sail

A selection of five episodes from the popular television series first transmitted on ITV 1 (CITV) in 1998.  This VHS collection was produced by John Cary for the Britt Allcroft Company (now Hit Entertainment) in 1999.


The Boat Race – Captain Pugwash and Cut-throat Jake race around Cutlass Island for a hundred doubloon prize. Jake tries to shorten the odds in his favour but Tom is of course on hand to move the goal post!


The Stowaway Sheep – There’s mayhem afoot on the Black Pig because Willy buys a sheep for a pet and Captain Pugwash steels some treasure from Cut-throat Jake Can a sheep save the day?


The Portobello Plague – A mysterious character with a bell warns Captain Pugwash there’s a plague in Portobello. What can they do, how will they eat? Willy has a plan but luckily Tom smells a rat!


The Double Dealing Duchess – Captain Pugwash accepts a paying passenger, who is not at all as she seem. Will Cut-throat Jake manage to trick the Captain or will Tom step in and save the day?


The Emperor’s New Clothes – Luck has blessed Captain Pugwash with a haul of Chinese treasure. Will a plot put together by Cut-throat Jake and his crew take the plunder from the Captain, or will the crew of The Black Pig make the best performance of their lives.





John Ryan was the creator of the famous 'Captain Pugwash' series.  John's first Captain Pugwash title was published in 1957 by...