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Adventures of Captain Pugwash: Sticky Moments

This DVD collection features a selection of 6 episodes first transmitted on ITV 1 (CITV) in 1998 with a running time of 69 minutes.  This DVD was produced by John Cary for Guillane Development Limited (now Hit Entertainment) in 2005.

Episodes include:

Sticky Moment

The Stowaway Sheep

The Portabello Plague

The Double-dealing Duchess

The Emperor’s New Clothes

The Boat Race.


Avast all ye landlubbers, come set sail with Captain Pugwash and the heroic crew of the Black Pig with this bounty of animated adventures.


Together with his quick-witted young cabin boy and the rest of the crew, the brave Captain takes on Cut-throat Jake and his dastardly gang, in these swashbuckling heroic tales.


John Ryan was the creator of the famous 'Captain Pugwash' series.  John's first Captain Pugwash title was published in 1957 by...