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UK Publisher: Old Barn Books

A family mix-up means Louie has to tag along with his engineer father and his team as they head for a routine job in the farthest flung and most neglected province of the Federation. A massive earthquake, with ensuing tsunami, devastates the entire isolated coastal region, laying bare the other-worldly manner in which the silent and strange Endlanders deal with life, death, and the hinterlands of memory and loss. Their curious and unsettling ways raise ghosts for Louie, who has recently lost his own brother.

This modern fable – part ghost-story, part coming-of-age novel, and part astute social and family observation – explores the ways in which grief can affect not only individuals, but communities at large.


“a weird and wonderful triumph; a challenging, powerful book – this is Fine at her very best” ― The Times (Children’s Book of the Week)

“This is an absolutely masterful tale…A beautiful, important book looking at the aftershocks of grief – and eventually how we might pick up the pieces” – BookTrust

“compelling…fast-paced and vivid” – The Independent

Aftershocks deals with grief, clashing cultures and the battle between rationality and mysticism in an arresting, sensitive and thoughtful manner…It’s refreshing to read a high-quality book for teenagers that portrays grief in all its rawness…evocative and moving prose. Readers will look over their shoulders as they read and yet finish this book deeply satisfied” – Literary Review


Anne Fine is a distinguished writer for children of all ages. Her novel Goggle-Eyes won the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize...