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UK Publisher: Faber
US Publisher: Greywolf

‘Like Robert Macfarlane re-written by Cormac McCarthy.’ Telegraph

‘Beckett doing Beowulf.’ London Review of Books

A small religious community is living in what were once the fens of eastern England. They are perhaps the world’s last human survivors. Now, they find themselves stalked by a force that draws ever closer, a force intent on destroying everything they stand for.

Set on the far side of the ecological apocalypse, Paul Kingsnorth’s new novel is a mythical, polyphonic drama driven by elemental themes: of community versus the self, the mind versus the body, machine versus man – of whether to put your faith in the present or the future.

Alexandria completes the Buckmaster Trilogy, which began with Kingsnorth’s prize-winning The Wake.


‘In this highly inventive trilogy, spanning 2,000 years, Kingsnorth traces a line between the past and the future of humanity, the tremendous upheaval we have experienced, and that which may yet be to come.’

‘Alexandria has a quality of mystery that draws the reader under its spell…
a passionately argued,often furious diatribe against the human irresponsibility that has helped to trigger the crisis of our present moment… Kingsnorth’s greatest strength lies, as ever, in the power and vision of his landscape writing.’

Paul Kingsnorth is the author of One No, Many Yeses (Free Press, 2003) and the highly-acclaimed Real England (Portobello, 2008). Both...