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UK Publisher: OUP

Caught in a storm on their sailing boat, Kit and his parents are driven to the shores of a small island. But there is no safety there. The intense, enclosed community is hostile and Kit soon realizes that he and his parents are in terrible danger.

Then his mother and father disappear. Kit finds himself alone, faced with a desperate struggle. He must stay alive and search for his parents. And he must deal with the frightening new arrival – the mysterious wild man who seems to have come from the sea itself. The man whose face bears an uncanny resemblance to his own…
In his terrifying battle to survive and find out what has happened to his parents Kit will face trials and dangers beyond anything he could have imagined. He will also encounter the one thing he never expects.

A deeply moving novel from one of today’s most powerful and original writers, this is a heart-stopping story that will take the reader to the very core of good and evil, and to a vision of the world that is unforgettable.