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Around the World in 80 Dates

UK Publisher: Arrow

How far would you go on the first date…? Paris, Tokyo, San Francisco …?

Jennifer Cox is willing to go that far and further. And why not? A successful travel journalist, Jennifer travels the world all the time, so why not journey to meet a man? But not just any man. And not just any journey. Jennifer is on a quest, searching for that mythical creature, Mr Right.

In the tradition of epic adventurers and explorers throughout the ages, Jennifer decides to issue Fate with a challenge: ‘I’ll go Around the World in 80 Dates, if in return you’ll give me my soul mate’. And so begins the hilarious, true story of a global dating tour and one woman’s search for love. From the Love Professor in Sweden, the Skate Date in France, the Dead Date in Italy to the High Roller in Vegas, from the one legged journalist in China to the Chief of the Harbour police in Sydney, Jennifer quite literally crosses the International Dateline, with the aid of her friends – or, more aptly termed, Date Wranglers – and their little black books.

But just as Jennifer – juggling and struggling with dates, doubts and excess baggage – starts to wonder if she’ll ever reach the destination of her journey, the unbelievable happens – it seems that she has stumbled upon Mr Right at last.

Join Jennifer Cox on a date with Fate, and see if travelling the world in search of love really is a passport to happiness ….

Praise for Around the World in 80 Dates

‘Fast-moving and fun… a book for anyone who thinks love might be found out there in the world’ – The Sunday Times

‘Jennifer describes each date with humour and honesty, you can’t help but like her … you can’t put the book down’ – Heat

‘A hilarious read’ – Time Out

‘Witty, well written, and rather heart-warming, this is a travel book with a difference’ – Image

‘This is a fun account that will make every single girl want to pack her bags!’ – New Woman

‘If you’re single and searching, you’ll get inspiration from this feisty, funny, and painfully honest book’ – Scarlet

‘This chicks daring dating adventures give a whole new meaning to the word gutsy’ – Cosmopolitan

‘A girl after my own heart, with a fantastic idea, beautifully delivered. Highly compulsive and extraordinarily good fun’ – The Bookseller

‘Does Cox live happily ever after? Armchair travellers and die hard romantics will speed through this unique memoir to find out’ – Publishers Weekly