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UK Publisher: Simon and Schuster India

Clouds is a book set in Bombay about seven very different people drifting across the skies of India today, seeking others who share their questions about love, God, freedom and selfhood in the 21st century. Farhad Billimoria, a debonair Parsi psychotherapist, believes himself to be God’s gift to humanity — so why can’t he find a good woman in Bombay to love him? Rabi is a tribal from the Cloud tribe of Odisha, a youth who represents the new energies of Indian history but who lives in a prison made inadvertently for him by other Indians chasing their own dreams and ideals. Between them, the seven characters of Farhad, Zahra, Hemlata, Rabi, Eeja, Ooi and Bhagaban play out a grand story of city and village in the great fairground of Bombay. And as they move (or allow themselves to be moved) at least some of them realize that our most profound experiences are as beautiful, mysterious and provoking as those strange, shape-shifting denizens of the sky: the clouds.

Praise for Clouds:-
Chandrahas Choudhury is one of the most clever and quirky, lively and witty of India’s new generation of novelists. Clouds signals the blossoming of a major new talent‘. William Dalrymple