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Complaining is very popular – as shown by the success of Eats, Shoots and Leaves, Crap Towns and Is It Me Or Is Everything Shit?  But there has been no book on the actual subject – until now.

Conversation would be extremely limited if we stopped moaning. But whereas we once complained about the things that really matter, now we are most likely to be stirred by late trains and bad television programmes. Moreover, often our complaints are misguided: people often protest, on the one hand, that political parties ought to bicker less; but on the other, that we are cheated because there is nothing to choose between them. Isn’t there something serious to say about complaint?

Starting off with God’s protests to Adam and Eve and working through the French and American revolutions to the war on Iraq, this book will examine what we complain about, why we do so, the different kinds of complaints we make, why men and women complain about different things, why we complain less than Americans, and whether we should complain differently. You can’t complain about that.

Praise for Complaint

‘Baggini’s hope is for a complaining culture based on secular ethics where our complaints are grounded in reason. How to achieve this is, of course, another matter; but the example of his own sweetly-reasoned complaint at least demonstrates its possibility’ – Independent on Sunday

‘There are no complaints about this book’ – Sunday Express