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Constance and Faith

UK Publisher: Simon and Schuster

A tale rich with character and atmosphere. In short – it’s like coming home.

Under normal circumstances, Hannah Marshall would never have returned to her North-Western home town of Linton, riddled with exhausted coal mines and permanently overhung with rain clouds. Her degree and her job in an international auction house were her ticket out of Linton’s faded Georgian splendor, and she escaped gladly.  But no circumstances in the turbulent Marshall family have ever been normal. Now ten years later, Hannah is back, for reasons she won’t discuss, to find little seems to have changed.

But seeing Linton through an adult’s eyes Hannah begins to make out a complicated web of old grudges and unvoiced rumours that reach back generations, and a definite air of scandal that still surrounds her family.  As she faces up to her own demons, Hannah is forced to dig into her family’s past and confront the hidden truths that haunt her family and Linton itself.

Constance and Faith brilliantly interweaves the fiercely guarded secrets of past generations with the intrigues and the scandals of the present.

Praise for Constance and Faith:

‘Intensely emotional and beautifully written, we dare you to put it down before the final page’ – Company ****

‘The word of mouth favourite’ – Eve