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Consumed: How Shopping Fed The Class System

UK Publisher: Collins

This is the story of how we became defined by what we consume.

Discover what the thickness of froth on your morning coffee or where you buy your jeans really says about you, and the role of retailers and big business in this new class system.

In this revealing account, award-winning journalist and consumer affairs expert, Harry Wallop takes a fresh look along society’s dividing lines and uncovers how our lifestyles and consumer choices are the new determining factors of class and social status in modern Britain.

Find out which new social categories you and your friends belong to in today’s modern consumer world. Are you an Asda Mum, Wood Burning Stover or Sun Skittler? Do you know a Portland Privateer or Rockabilly? And exactly who are the Hyphen-Leighs?

Insightful and engaging, Consumed will completely change the way you think about your shopping habits.

Praise for Consumed

‘This is a breezy, enjoyable study, backed up by some arresting research into our shopping habits.’  Toby Clements, The Telegraph Review

Harry Wallop is one of the sharpest and funniest journalists writing in Britain today. He has an instinct for the killer detail that truly brings a story to life.’  Jay Rayner

‘[An] entertaining attempt to understand how we define ourselves through our consumer choices … interesting social history, and achingly true observations’  Observer

‘[A] light-hearted look at our lifestyles past and present . . . lots to enjoy here and very of the moment.’  Evening Standard

‘A breezy romp through the intricacies of our social structure’ Guardian