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UK Publisher: Transworld (Random House)

Tess Gilroy is part of a unit who investigate miscarriages of justice. Riding high after a recent high profile success, they choose to take on the case of proving Carrie Kamera’s innocence. Carrie is serving a life sentence for killing her husband’s lover, Ella. Carrie has always sworn she is not a murderess, and Carrie’s pregnant daughter begs Tess and her team to help free her from prison.

Tess and her team, including the young and idealistic Avril, are faced with seemingly solid forensic evidence that damns Carrie. With doubts about both their client and their chances of success mounting, Tess has to delve deeply into the crime.

Who killed Ella? If it wasn’t Carrie then can Tess find the murderer?

Tess’s unit already has their own enemies, and now Tess is putting herself further into danger by looking for a killer who has evaded justice.

Suddenly Tess isn’t sure which is the worse option – Carrie being innocent or Carrie being guilty.

With personal secrets of her own also at risk of being exposed, Tess is forced to use her investigative skills wisely.

Part legal thriller, part gripping moral dilemma, Doubt brings Paula Daly’s engaging style and strong characterisation to the fore in her biggest book yet.