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Create Space

UK Publisher: Profile Books

Do you feel stressed? Rushed? Overwhelmed? At work, do you feel that you have too much to think about and way too much to do? At home, does it feel any better? Welcome to the modern world.

For one thousand generations human beings lived in a world of limitless space. In contrast, for our generation space – to think, do, connect or just be – is in desperately short supply. We face a torrent of information, choice and change.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Through twelve fascinating stories inspired by his work as an international leadership consultant and executive coach, Derek Draper shows how to create the space you need to take control.

Informed by over a decade of hands-on experience at the most senior levels of business, the book draws on the best of both classical and cutting-edge psychological and behavioural thinking. In addition to the stories the book highlights the ‘Three Gateways’ to creating space – setting strategy, raising productivity and embracing the ‘space mindset’. It outlines practical proven ways in which you can move from working in a way that ‘devours space’ to one that ‘creates space’. Your time begins now.

Before his untimely death in early 2024, Derek Draper was a leadership consultant, business psychologist and executive coach. He was...