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Cupboard Love

UK Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Limited



‘How would your kitchen feel if it were the person you lived with? When do you last make time for each other? I mean real, quality time? Let’s face it – you only really make an effort when there are other people around. It’s not as though you haven’t tried to spice things up a bit. You’ve bought all the right books and (admit it) a fair few gadgets. You even gave it a fantastic makeover a couple of years back. But the sad truth is that your relationship has gone off the boil….’


If this all sounds too familiar, you need Cupboard Love. If you can’t find the time to cook like a celebrity chef, but refuse to be a slave to the microwave, Tom Norrington-Davies has a middle way that will help you through your crisis. By dusting off ingredients that may already be lurking in your cupboard, he shows how with just a little preparation (and occasional cheating) you can easily rustle up your own ready meals at home. This witty and accessible book us guaranteed to rekindle your love affair with your kitchen and make you want to cook there every day.

Priase for Cupboard Love:

‘Tom Norrington-Davies writes about food you actually want to eat – and cook. A friendly, cosy presence in the kitchen’ – Nigella Lawson

‘Highly readable and cookable from. He has a winningly light touch and cleverly fresh ways’ – Rosie Kindersley, Books for Cooks