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Dancing With Eva

UK Publisher: Simon & Schuster

In 1945, after the deaths of Hitler and Eva Braun, the staff who attended them in the Bunker were left to make their own way out of Berlin. Some were lucky enough to be captured by the Americans and British, and their stories became known to the world. Some were captured by the Russians. What they saw has never been made public. Sixty years later, the youngest people there are among the oldest people alive. Two of them — a guard and one of Eva’s secretaries — meet for the first time since Hitler’s last days, to lay their memories side by side, and to rest. He has lived in America, and his story is part of the historical record. She managed to escape from the Red Army. Her story has never been heard before. Together, the two last witnesses to Eva’s last dance discover the truth of what went on in Hitler’s bunker. Completely convincing, chilling and compelling, Dancing With Eva is a devastatingly powerful imagining of one of the most intense periods of twentieth-century history.

“Judd’s flawless, absorbing novel works both as a thriller, a thought-provoking essay on guilt and remembrance, and a fascinating portrait of life in the Fuhrer’s court.” – Mail on Sunday

“It speaks volumes for Alan Judd that he can take such a familiar theme and approach it in such a fresh, original way. The prose is precise, measured: every word is chosen with care…This is writing you trust…..the story..builds to a thunderous, nerve-shredding climax…” – Sunday Telegraph

Alan Judd has written fifteen novels and two biographies. He has also collaborated, with David Crane, on a National Portrait...