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False Witness

UK Publisher: Pan Macmillan

7.15 a.m.

Two children are seen on top of a wall in a school.

Shortly later one of them lies fatally injured at the bottom.

Did the boy fall or was he pushed?

As a Family Liaison Officer, DC Maggie Neville has seen parents crumble under the weight of their child’s death. Imogen Tyler is no different. Her son’s fall was witnessed by the school caretaker and another pupil is under suspicion/being questioned, but Imogen is paralysed by questions. Why was he at the school so early? Why was he with the girl being questioned?

For Maggie, finding the answers to these questions is paramount if she is to help the mother. But as she investigates, further questions emerge and the truth suddenly seems far from certain. Could the witness be mistaken about what happened and if he is, then who is responsible? And how far will they go to cover up the boy’s death?


‘Gripping, thought-provoking and expertly plotted – a cracking read.’ Katerina Diamond

False Witness is a complex and enthralling novel that is so well written and plotted to perfection. It is an intriguing story that is magnetic and suspenseful with some excellent twists… Each character is well drawn and believable. If you’re up for a compelling, complicated storyline with plenty of action then this is a great choice.’ NetGalley Review

‘Sinister, relentless, and unpredictable! False Witness is a perfectly paced, entertaining whodunit that has all the elements you look for in a thrilling mystery, along with a touch of authenticity not always found in police procedurals that will undoubtedly keep you riveted and eager for more.’ What’s Better Than Books?