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Gone Astray

UK Publisher: Macmillan
US Publisher: Trafalgar Square Publishing

One summer morning, Lesley Kinnock returns to the sprawling Buckinghamshire home she and her husband bought after winning £18 million on the EuroMillions, to discover that their 15-year-old daughter is missing.

DC Maggie Neville is assigned to be Family Liaison Officer to Lesley and her husband Mack. It’s Maggie’s job to support the parents as the search gets underway, while at the same time surreptitiously trying to unearth any information that might have any bearing on the missing girl’s whereabouts. It’s a delicate balancing act, and Maggie also has a point to prove to her colleagues after being suspended from the last case she worked on.

Told from both Lesley and Maggie’s point of view, GONE ASTRAY is a compelling novel with a unique heroine positioned at the very heart of the investigation.

Michelle Davies has an enormously engaging writing style, and has produced a thought-provoking and twisty first novel with a wide appeal.


‘This book deserves to shoot to the top of the best-seller lists. I read it in a single sitting.’ – Daily Mail

‘Get familiar with the edge of your seat – you’re going to spend a lot of time there.’ – Stella Loves – Sunday Telegraph Magazine

‘An intense thriller with a riveting twisty plot, it will make you think twice about buying that lottery ticket.’ – Woman Magazine – Book of the Week 

‘A clever but all too believable crime thriller that’s right on the money when it comes to creepy, twisted plots.’ Fabulous Magazine

‘This all-too believable thriller is full of plot twists and makes you think twice about wanting that lottery win.’ – Essentials

‘Davies hits the right balance between clever plots and believable behaviours. It was truly unputdownable. I read it in four days.’ – Good to Know.

‘A taut, tense thriller with a compelling plot that’s bound to keep you reading well beyond your bedtime. If you loved th first series of Broadchurch, don’t hesitate to make this your next read.’ – Waterstones Bookseller Review

‘A gripping read.’  Bella Magazine

‘Suspenseful, absorbing, and skillfully executed! Gone Astray is a fantastic debut for Davies that definitely highlights money doesn’t always bring happiness and often we don’t know people as well as we think.’ – What’s Better than Books?