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Death or Glory: The Last Commando

UK Publisher: Michael Joseph

In the heat of battle you have two choices:  Death or Glory.

Libya 1942 – Rommel’s Africa Korps is sweeping across Northern Africa.  The ragged Allied forces engage the enemy in brutal fire-fights on the scorched desert sands.  Meanwhile, the Allied commander-in-chief sends a desperate coded message to the Prime Minister;  the courier is First Officer Madeleine Rose WRNS, codename Runefish.

When Runefish’s plane is shot down deep behind enemy lines, a rescue mission must be put into action to find her.  It looks like no more than a deadly fool’s errand – and the man they choose is given one option: take the mission or face court martial.

Battle-hardened Sgt Tom Caine is a first class soldier who struggles with obeying orders.  He must lead his small squad of specialist commandos into the hornet’s nest – on a bloody mission that could change the outcome of the war….