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Devil of Nanking (formerly Tokyo)

Grey Hutchins is in pursuit of an obsession. She is searching for a piece of film taken during the infamous Nanking massacre of 1937. Some say it never existed. Grey is certain that it does, and that it lies hidden – somewhere in Tokyo.

Alone in an alien city, Grey becomes a hostess in an exclusive club catering for Japanese businessmen – and gangsters. One gangster dominates: an ancient man in a wheelchair rumoured to rely on a powerful elixir for his continued health.

It is an elixir that other people want – at any price…




“I have finished the novel and am still in shock.  In all of my 60+ years, I have never read a book that pulls me in so skillfully.  The words the author used to create fear in the reader are so vivid, I’m not only still in awe, but I may have nightmares for weeks.  This may be the one book that I refer to when I’m writing and need  a reminder of how to crisply, pointedly use words to create fear and loathing!

SUCH a good read.  Thank you to Mo Hayder.  Wish I’d found it years earlier.”

Marge Petesch, Reader

“Mo Hayder’s TOKYO is a terrific novel — a haunting, lyrical, disturbing, important, suspenseful, wonderfully written and beautiful book. I still have goosebumps from that last paragraph. TOYKO is a novel that lingers long after you turn the final page. You will love reading it, and you will not soon forget the experience.” Harlan Coben

“TOKYO catapults Mo Hayder into the front rank of contemporary thriller writers. Compassionate and cataclysmic, stylish and scary, TOKYO is as finely judged a thriller as youll read this year.” Val McDermid

“A real page-turner, full of suspense, with a terrifying, gritty edge that turns the blood cold.” Minette Walters

“What a story – what a storyteller!” Colin Dexter

“The very best thing a writer can do is to thoroughly and completely immerse the reader in a strange new world. Mo Hayder does it to perfection with TOKYO. This book is deeply felt and haunting. It is elegiac and important. Most of all, it sticks with you well after the last page is turned.” Michael Connelly

“In-freaking-credible. With the TREATMENT, Mo Hayder cemented her reputation as one of Britains pre-eminent crime writers. TOKYO jackhammers her to the top of the field. This is the epic thriller of the year.” Karin Slaughter 

“TOKYO left me stunned and haunted. This is writing of breathtaking power and poetry. I stand in awe of Mo Hayder’s incomparable gifts as a storyteller.” Tess Gerritsen

“TOKYO is both a fascinating and moving historical novel, which poses questions Japan is still reluctant to answer about the massacre and its national psyche, and a thriller so fast-paced and horrifying that I had to sit up until the early hours to finish it, least my sleep be disturbed by its chilling vision.” Rachel Simhon: The Telegraph

“TOKYO asserts [Hayder’s] place in the new tough school of female writing” The Guardian

“Horrors of the past are gradually revealed in this thriller about the recall of Japanese atrocities in World War II.” Editor’s Choice – New York Times Book Review

“Award –winning author Mo Hayder’s latest chiller; TOKYO, consolidates her reputation as one of the most talented women crime writers.”Daily Express

“TOKYO is the best thing [Mo Hayder has] done to date… TOKYO is a disturbing, hypnotic horror story.” Birmingham Post

“Her fans will not be disappointed … the novel is a striptease of unfurling horror with a sickening denouement.” The Times

“With most crime writers settling for modest rejigging of a successful formula, Mo Hayder’s adventurousness in Tokyo is striking … Ambitious and impressive, the novel boasts in the character of the Nurse, the gangster’s terrifying, sexually ambiguous minder, one of the most haunting villains since Hannibal Lecter.” Sunday Times

“Mo Hayder has produced a book which fully displays her talent … Her hints at what lurks in the darkness create a sense of dread, which builds to a terrifying climax.”Sunday Telegraph

“This is stunning, [Hayder’s] best yet, terrific stuff.” Sarah Broadhurst, The Bookseller

“Slowly but surely, Hayder turns the novel into an intriguing page-turner – not least because you’re itching to find out what the unspeakable outrage is. At its heart … this is a story about the perverse things people do … Brace yourself for a really ghoulish read.” Mirror

“No one writes like Hayder about the darkness within, and the shocking revelations that bring her tale to a climax come as both horrific and necessary. …This is a very personal book and confirms a major talent that transcends thriller writing.” Time Out

“Hayder herself lived in Tokyo and also worked as a hostess. Her passion for the life of the city and its people is obvious and transforms this chilling thriller into something that will linger long in the mind.” Red

“The thriller I’ve enjoyed the most this year is Mo Hayder’s third novel TOKYO…It’s so exciting to see a writer move up a gear – to find a whole new way of expressing herself…The writing is powerful, the sense of place wonderful.  I really got into that book, the way a book stays with you for a long time.”  Val McDermid, Books to Watch Out For

“Dazzling . . . In this extremely creepy book, Hayders third, the diabolically gifted British author spins a fascinating mystery from the legacy of Japanese atrocities during World War II.”  Entertainment Weekly


“Hayder’s third book…is a thriller of rare art and gripping excitement.”  Publishers Weekly


“This is a lyrical novel in which secrets foreshadow the undoing of their bearers, and exposure of the secrets offers redemption.  History, folklore and ancient taboos are interwoven seamlessly with the modern-day mystery…THE DEVIL OF NANKING is a novel that resonates long after the last page has been turned.”  Bookpage, Mystery of the Month


This unsettling novel is one that stays with you long after it has raced towards its horrifing climax.”

Books Quarterly


“Hayders wrenching thrid novel…a beautifully controlled thriller…the story pivots on a bloodless act of crishing psychological violence that chills.”  Fiction Chronicle


“More than just a superior thriller…Writing this good would not be out of place on any of this year’s fiction shortlists.”  Toronto Star


“An absolutely chilling tale.”  Vancouver Sun

Mo Hayder left school at fifteen. Gifted with intelligence, determined to shape her own future she worked as an actress...