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Does Counter-Terrorism Work?

UK Publisher: Oxford University Press

State responses to terrorism have shaped politics and society globally. But how far, and in what precise ways, has counter-terrorism actually succeeded?

Based on the author’s experience of studying terrorism and counter-terrorism for over three decades, Does Counter-Terrorism Work? offers an historically-grounded, systematic and expert interrogation of the effectiveness of state responses to terrorist violence. Previous analyses have too often tended to be polarized and simplistic; they have also lacked a comprehensive framework against which properly to assess the (in)efficacy of counter-terrorist efforts over time.

Richard English’s pioneering book carefully defines what effective counter-terrorism would involve, and then tests that layered framework through cross-case, balanced, historically-focused comparison of important counter-terrorist campaigns. Drawing on a vast range of source material, Does Counter-Terrorism Work? assesses in detail the strategic, tactical, and personal or political achievements and failures evident this blood-stained field of work.

The book is intended to stimulate debate and reflection among scholars, students, practitioners, and the wider public. Every one of us is daily affected by the choices made in counter-terrorist politics and policy. This deeply original book helps us to understand how society and politics have been shaped by such decisions in the past, and prepares us to respond more effectively in the future to one of the world’s most important challenges.

Richard English is Pro-Vice Chancellor for Internationalization and Engagement at Queen's University Belfast, where he is also Professor of Politics,...