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Dolphin Baby!

UK Publisher: Walker

Follow baby Dolphin on his great adventure in the big blue ocean with this perfect first reference book, teeming with new discoveries. The moment Dolphin Baby pops into the blue, he swims up, up, up…and takes his very first breath. From then on, the baby calf swims close to his mother’s side, discovering all there is to know about life under the sea. Dolphin has lots to learn including making new friends, catching his first fish, whistling…and saying his own name in special dolphin-sound! Part of “The Nature Storybook series”, this is a perfect introduction to dolphin behaviour, anatomy and ecology for young readers. Nicola Davies perfectly marries a lyrical narrative and factual information to tell how a dolphin baby evolves from birth. Brita Granstrom’s colourful illustrations pulsate with the energy and movement of dolphins in their natural habitat