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Domestic Sex Goddess

UK Publisher: Quadrille

Successful sexpert Kate Taylor spent her early career writing sex manuals with tips on getting a better sex life, then she got married – and then she had two children. Suddenly, the books she had previously written bore no relation to her own sex life. Where were the tips on having amazing sex in complete silence during 10 minutes of privacy whilst the kids are watching cartoons? Where was the advice on how to still fancy your partner when you’ve just spent 10 minutes picking his socks up off the bedroom floor? Where was the section on the most-childproof locks for bedroom doors, or how to laugh it off when your toddler gatecrashes a dinner party waving your vibrator?

Knowing that she wasn’t the only wife and mother struggling with these issues, Kate decided to write the book that would solve these problems forever. Domestic Sex Goddess is a sex book for couples in long-term relationships, with or without children. It’s for couples who adore each other, but would like new ideas to take to bed that bring back the initial excitement and who want real-life sex tips they can fit in around a busy day and eight hours’ sleep at night.

Domestic Sex Goddess divulges the secret to achieving a thrilling long-term sex life – it’s organisation. In each chapter of this book Kate takes a different area of the home and discusses practical lifestyle changes that you can implement in order to give yourself both the time and energy for sex. From sizzling sex tips for the kitchen, lusty lovemaking positions for the living room and bed-busting moves for the bedroom through to ideas to make the bathroom hot and steamy and even some outrageous outdoor activities, Kate presents all the naughty know-how you’ll need to keep the passionate home fires burning.