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Don’t Say Goodbye: Our Heroes And The Families They Leave Behind

UK Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

In Don’t Say Goodbye, Fiona Stanford tells the story of the people left behind when our soldiers go off to fight. It reveals the hidden side to modern conflict – the story of the wives, the girlfriends, the mothers and the children – how it feels to live on a knife edge, bombarded with 24-hour news and footage of the war, and the constant terror that the next death you hear about on the television or the radio might be your loved one’s.

Fiona’s husband serves in the Welsh Guards, which was sent to Afghanistan last year and lost seven men. She shares the rewards and challenges of Army life – the desperate goodbyes with young children and the huge relief of homecoming. But she also reveals the heartache of families that are not so lucky.

Poignant, inspiring and incredibly moving, this book is a tribute to the women and the families that support our heroes on the frontline.

The hardback was published in March 2011 and the paperback followed in October 2011.