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Exes Anonymous

UK Publisher: Time Warner

Five months after the end of their relationship, Rebecca is still obsessed by her ex-boyfriend, Patrick. Every stranger on the street who bears the slightest resemblance to him causes her heart to lurch and she tortures herself with memories of their time together. When her best friend Davey discovers that she’s kept her flat like a shrine to her old flame, with a life-size photograph of him adorning the wall above her bed, he realises she needs real help. Davey is a recovering alcoholic, and, inspired by the support he has gained from his AA group, decides to set Rebecca up with her own support group to see if she can learn to ‘quit’ Patrick for good, and Exes Anonymous is born.

But life – and love – is never as simple as a twelve-step programme, as Rebecca is about to find out.

A wise and witty romantic comedy about the nature of love and obsession, and how to recognise the difference between the two.