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UK Publisher: Bantam Press
US Publisher: Grove/Atlantic

‘Fresh, funny, flawless. The best crime novel you’ll read this year.’ CLARE MACKINTOSH

He’d killed a man, for God’s sake! And he was painfully aware that it had immediately become the most interesting thing about him.

Meet the bore next door. The most unlikely murderer you’ll ever have the pleasure to know.

When Felix Pink lets himself in to Number 3 Black Lane, he’s there to perform an act of kindness and charity: to keep a dying man company as he takes his final breath…

But just fifteen minutes later Felix is on the run from the police – after making the biggest mistake of his life.

Now his humdrum world is turned upside down as he tries to discover what went wrong, while staying one step ahead of the law.

‘Belinda Bauer’s fiction teems with life.’
Daily Telegraph



Fresh, funny, flawless: EXIT is a joy from start to finish. ― Clare Mackintosh, author of LET ME LIE

Bauer’s unique trademark strengths make EXIT quirky, charming, intensely human, important . . . and very suspenseful. I loved it. ― Lee Child

Bauer’s judgement of tone is perfect throughout a captivating whodunnit that’s often hilarious . . . beady-eyed yet tender, it resembles a collaboration between Agatha Christie and Muriel Spark. ― Sunday Times (Thriller of the Month)

Bauer’s book achieves a delicate balance of humor and poignance, evil and good. And she saves one final bittersweet twist for her story as it sails into the sunset. ― The Wall Street Journal

EXIT is ingeniously plotted and every word is perfect. It’s a rare book that has you turning the pages impatiently, desperate to solve the mystery, all the while never wanting it to end because it’s such a joy to read. Felix Pink is the most loveable killer in recent fiction. ― Erin Kelly, author of HE SAID/SHE SAID

Twisty, brilliantly plotted and funny too. Felix Pink is a wonderful character and I just wanted to hug him. (He’d be horrified!) ― Jill Mansell, author of MAYBE THIS TIME

Cleverly plotted, touching and funny. ― Bookseller

EXIT is the perfect antidote to the nervy gloom of this shut-down world. It’s warm and funny and dark and sad all at the same time, beautifully plotted and paced, and peopled with fabulous, complex characters that have drawn me right into their lives. Felix is fast becoming one of my favourite fictional characters. ― Donal Ryan, author of FROM A LOW AND QUIET SEA

This darkly funny crime novel has possibly the most unique concept I’ve come across: 75-year-old Felix is part of a network called the Exiteers, who sit with people who have chosen to end their lives. Except on his most recent mission, something goes wrong and Felix finds himself on the run for murder. For fans of Kate Atkinson’s Jackson Brodie books. ― Good Housekeeping

I loved Exit. Belinda Bauer writes the sort of characters who rock your world view and yet pull you in totally. Her plots are completely out of left field but she is singing my tune. A fan for life (I know, slightly creepy) and cannot wait for the next… ― Fiona Barton, bestselling author of THE WIDOW

Offbeat, comic crime. ― Woman & Home

Exit is an absolute delight, a darkly comic mystery that will keep you guessing while you frantically turn the pages, and Felix is one of the most loveable fugitives ever created. This ingenious and unique crime novel is the perfect tonic to the gloom of another lockdown. ― Sunday Express

This is a cunningly plotted thriller with more than a dash of Joe Orton-like black comedy. Bauer confirms her status as one of our most consistently inventive crime novelists. ― Mail on Sunday

This intriguing, tender, funny and sometimes (in the best possible way) farcical novel about life and death is a sheer delight. ― The Guardian

Bauer combines a rare ability to write about ordinary people and their quotidian concerns with deliciously unlikely plots. Few writers who convey so well the essential sadness of life do so with such warmth and wit. ― The Sunday Telegraph

“Crime is the most dramatic of transgressions and takes a reader, and the writer, to a more exciting and dangerous...