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UK Publisher: Picador

Tom Keely has lost his way, and now, middle-aged and jobless he finds himself holed up in a flat at the top of a grim high-rise, looking down on the world he’s fallen out of love with. He is determined to cut himself off, until one day he runs into some neighbours: a woman he used to know when they were kids, and her introverted young boy, Kai. The encounter shakes him up in a way he doesn’t understand and, despite himself, Keely lets them in. As Keely’s fascination and love for Kai develops he is drawn deeper into their world, and into their troubled and dangerous past. What follows is a heart-stopping, ground-breaking novel for our times – funny, confronting, exhilarating and haunting – populated by unforgettable characters. Eyrie asks how, in an impossibly compromised world, we can ever hope to do the right thing.

Eyrie has been shortlisted for the 2014 Miles Franklin Literary Award.


‘A novel that is consistently dark; it’s concerned with the lowest impulses of humanity and is often extremely funny… Winton is in absolute command of his story. The pace and tension is unremitting, the language unfussy while retaining Winton’s trademark lyricism.’

The Guardian


Times Literary Supplement

‘As a funny, compassionate and gripping study of family difference and solidarity, Eyrie resembles Tim Winton’s most famous novel, Cloudstreet. Ultimately, though, it is about a man’s quest for redemption, and as he goes about his task Winton ensures that we root for Keely every step of the way.’

Literary Review

‘Fans of Mr Winton will expect lucid characterisation and atmospheric prose; the author finds poetry in the grimmest scenes. Eyrie has all this plus a page-turning narrative that tumbles inexorably towards its ending. This is Tim Winton on searingly good form.’


The pre-eminent Australian novelist of his generation, Tim Winton has published 28 books for adults and children – fiction and...