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Billy didn’t come back last night.

Bradley knows where she is. He’s the man who kidnapped her. When a hooker laughs at your performance your first impulse is to hit her, and once you’ve done that you can’t just let her go. But what do you do once she is tied up in your warehouse, and how do you hide it from your wife and kids?

Max knows Billy is in trouble. Even though their home is a doorway with a couple of boxes for warmth, she always lets him know where she is going to be. But why would anyone listen to him? He’s a bum who picks up cigarettes from footpaths, and technically she doesn’t exist. Can he face his demons and ask for help from the past he’d rather forget?

Billy wakes bound to the wall in a concrete prison. It’s dark and it’s cold. She doesn’t want to be left here…and she doesn’t want him to come back.