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Fathers and Sins

UK Publisher: Severn House

Agnes knew her fiancé Robin Firth had a marriage behind him. But until the night the police called she had no idea how directly his past would affect her.

When his son Mouse is blamed for a fatal car crash, Robin’s fury stuns both the boy and Agnes. Making matters worse are the amnesia, which prevents Mouse remembering what happened in the car, and his refusal to believe he was drunk.

Then the village church burns down and suspicion falls on Mouse. The police inquiry doesn’t concern Agnes as much as the arrival of a band of new age travellers, fascinated by the improbable survival of the church’s relic. It’s supposed to be a crusader banner, but that doesn’t make sense. Nor does the behaviour of the man who donated it.

Reluctantly, Agnes is drawn into events more complex- and more threatening- then she could ever have foreseen. 




“An intriguingly imaginative story” Booklist

“Intriguing novel” Publishers Weekly

 “Listening to the tape with its depiction of life in this attractive little Cotswold village is a leisurely yet absorbing experience. Gordon Griffin is a pleasure to listen to. His excellent reading well brings out the quiet yet compelling drama of the story” Radmilla May Mystery Women