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First Drop

It should have been an easy introduction to Charlie Foxs new career as a bodyguard. In fact, it should have been almost a working holiday. She just has to look after the gawky fifteen-year-old son of a rich computer programmer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Trey Pelzner is theme park mad and in theory all Charlie has to do is baby-sit him on the rollercoasters.

The last thing anyone expected was a determined attempt to snatch the boy, or that Treys father and their entire close protection team – including Charlies boss, Sean Meyer – would disappear off the face of the earth at the same time.

Now somebody out there wants the boy badly and theyre prepared to kill anyone who gets in their way. Evading them, in a strange country, takes all the skill and courage Charlie possesses.

As she soon discovers, once youve hit the first drop theres no going back, and youd better hang on tight because youre in for a wild ride.