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Fourth Day

The Cult calling itself Fourth Day is well funded and fiercely guards its privacy. Five years ago Thomas Whitney went in to try and get the evidence that the cult’s charismatic leader Randall Bane, was responsible for the death of Whitney’s son, Liam. Whitney never comes out.

Now ex-special forces soldier turned bodyguard, Charlie Fox, and her partner Sean Meyer, have been tasked to get Whitney out, whether he’s willing or not. But planning and executing a clean surgical snatch is only the beginning. Five years is a long time to be on the inside and the man who comes out has changed beyond all recognition. Can Whitney be trusted when he says he now believes Bane is innocent of the crime, if he is, who was behind his son’s demise? And what happened to the safety net – the people who were supposed to extract Whitney, by force if necessary, after a year?

With Whitney’s ex-wife demanding answers, Charlie agrees to go undercover in to Forth Day’s California stronghold. A fast covert op. No real danger for someone with her mindset and training. But Charlie has her own secrets, even from Sean, and she is unprepared for the lure of Randall Bane, or how easily he will pinpoint her weaknesses.