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Deadly Virtues

US Publisher: St Martin's Press

The town of Norbold, England is famous for its low crime rate, thanks to the zero-tolerance policy of Chief Superintendent John Fountain. And Norbold’s newest police recruit, Hazel Best, is happy to help keep it that way. But numbers never tell the whole story, do they?

Jerome Cardy knew he was going to die. He also knew that it would be made to appear like an accident. He might not be able to prevent it, but Jerome was determined to make sure that someone knew what was going to happen-even if that someone was a man with concussion lying with his dog in a jail cell next to him.

After Jerome is found beaten to death by a fellow inmate in another cell, Ash is unable to forget Jerome’s last awkward words to him: “I had a dog once. Othello. That was its name.  Othello.” Certain there is a hidden message n these words, Ash is determined to discover the truth. But it won’t be easy- no one believes his account of the night. And Hazel Best must decide whether pursuing the truth is worth her career.


The versatile Bannister (Death in High Places) has crafted yet another stunning, paranoia-doused psychological suspense novel guaranteed to keep readers glued to their seats. A good pairing would be Jonathan Lewis’s Into Darkness, which also features an assistance dog. Library Journal

‘Bannister’s engrossing tale is both thrilling and poignant, not easy to do in one work. Her plot and characters are exceptionally well written and her new book is not to be missed.’ Jo Peters, Mystery Procedural

‘Stubborn morality and acid-tinged whimsy drive this superior stand-alone….Bannister’s plotting is neat and her characterization smooth.’ Publishers Weekly, 07.01.13

“This is the kind of puzzle plot Bannister is known for; Gabriel is the kind of character who takes satisfying shape before your eyes; and Hazel’s is the kind of classic detective work that’s always welcome in a mad, mad world.” Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review