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Going Loco

UK Publisher: Headline

Belinda Johansson is a woman frantic, overwhelmed by the demands of work and home. Deep in research for her magnum opus – a definitive account of the doppelganger in classic gothic fiction – she fails to notice the echoes of these ghoulish tales disturbingly close at hand. For not only is the cleaning lady taking over her life, but the identity of her husband, Stefan, is also in question. Is he a harmless geneticist from Sweden, or actually a cunning clone? Why is the cleaning lady’s previous employer having a breakdown, and what on earth has the rat circus to do with any of this?

Lynne Truss has produced the funniest novel you could ever hope to read about bouillabaisse, men in skirts and ….ABBA.

“A classic comic novel, unashamed, exuberant, fiendishly clever, and a joy to read.” – Daily Telegraph