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Haven’t You Grown!

UK Publisher: Kingfisher

Mum is having a baby!
I’m shocked! I’m all at sea!
What’s she want another one for:

Today’s children encounter many different types of family: there are extended families, stepfamilies, single-parent families and children who live apart from their mothers or fathers or siblings. This anthology weaves together the everyday comedy, catastrophes and cuddles that make up a modern family life.

Drawing from the very best classic and contemporary poets, these poems explore every aspect, from sibling squabbles to funny photographs, from sad farewells to raucous reunions. Every child will find something to identify with, whether it’s a DIY-mad dad, beautiful baby brother, squeezeable mum, or the antics of grannies, grandads, uncles, aunts and cousins – even the family pet!

A celebration of families everywhere – this is a collection for any child to treasure.