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UK Publisher: Arrow

Heiresses is shortlisted for this year’s Romantic Novelist’s Association Pure Passion Award.  Publishers were invited to submit books by authors in whom they believe passionately and the six strong shortlist was chosen by expert romantic writing buyers at the key retailers.  The winner of the award is chosen by the public and readers are invited to vote for their favourite. Cast your vote in support of Lulu at:!

A family legacy of lust, scandal and deceit…

Fame, fashion and scandal, the Trevellyan heiresses are the height of success, glamour and style. But when it comes to…

…WEALTH Jemima can barely scrape by funding her husband’s dilapidated family home; Tara’s one purpose in life, no matter the sacrifice, is to be financially independent of her family and husband; and Poppy wants to escape its trappings without sacrificing the comforts its brings.

…LUST it’s all Jemima can think of to escape the drudgery of her days and her husband; whilst Tara’s self-imposed ‘perfect’ life doesn’t allow for such indulgences; and Poppy, spoiled by attention and love throughout her life, has yet to expose herself to the thrill of really living and loving dangerously.

…FAMILY it’s all they’ve ever known, and now the legacy of their parents, a vast and ailing perfume empire, has been left in their trust. But will they be able to turn their passion into profit? In making a fresh start, can they face their family’s past?

Praise for Heiresses:

‘Nothing lifts the winter blues quite like a glam bonkbuster and Heiresses is one of the highest pedigree… Addictive, decadent and sexy, it’ll easily see you through the depths of winter’s most depressing month’ – Heat *****, No. 1

‘Heiresses is pure indulgence and perfect reading for a dull January evening’ – The Sun

‘Well-written and fresh’ – The Mirror

‘This is such great escapism it could work as well as a holiday’ – Daily Mail

‘If wealth and glamour turn you on, then turning the pages of this epic blockbuster will brighten the credit crunch chill for you. Enter the endlessly extravagant world of the Trevellyan heiresses and find out if having everything she wants can make a woman happy’ – Best