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Hello Bunny Alice

I had the dream again last night. Im at the bottom of a lake looking through the window of a car. Everythings green and murky and theres a skeleton behind the wheel, dressed as a Bunny Girl. The ears are perched on the skull, jaunty, the collar and bow tie are hanging round the neck vertebrae and the bodys dressed in the satin costume – black, the colour we all used to want because it was slimming – with two empty cone-shaped cups sticking out in front of the ribcage … In 1967 Bunny Girl Alice Jones met Lenny Maxted – one half of the brilliant comic duo, Maxted and Flowers – and fell deeply in love with him. But, like so many great comics, Lenny had a dark side. Their love affair ended when Alice found his body hanging from a beam in a Wiltshire cottage. Seven years after his death, in the long hot summer of 1976, Alice is leading a quiet, almost reclusive life in an Oxfordshire farmhouse when, out of the blue, Lennys partner, Jack Flowers, turns up on her doorstep. Alice has not seen him since Lennys funeral, but her surprise and pleasure turn into an all too familiar sense of unease when she discovers that he is distressed and drinking heavily. At the same time a car containing human remains is fished out of a Wiltshire lake… Laura Wilsons fourth novel is her most powerful, intense and frightening work to date, and confirms her reputation as a writer of outstanding, original talent.


‘Laura Wilson excels at capturing the flavour of recent history and in creating characters who are completely believable. Wilson writes… in an intimate and very natural style. The menace… is powerfully managed and the terror of being trapped… is convincingly and vividly recounted… It adds up to a breathtaking read – from a distinctive writer.’ Cath Staincliffe, Tangled Web

‘Using elements of mystery, suspense and psychological thrillers, Wilson has crafted a tightly told stunner of a story that surprises from the first page to the last.’ St Louis Post-Dispatch

‘the story is told by gracefully taking the reader backwards and forwards between present and past. The building of suspense is very skilful, and as the story unfolds, so the chilling menace creeps up on you and increases with every new revelation. This is a brilliant piece of writing and highly recommended.’ Mystery Women

‘Laura Wilsons most frightening book to date.’ Prizes magazine

‘Wilson is a master at combining psychological suspense with mesmerising story lines. Now she explores the haunting world of a woman whose psyche has been shaken by fate.’ Deadly Pleasures

‘Exquisitely grisly. Few can raise psychological goosebumps better than Wilson, and her unrelenting exploration of violence and despair recalls John Fowles’s The Collector.’ Kirkus Reviews 

‘Wilson has a strong sense of the times, and the portrait of the comedians, individually and as a team, is vivid and convincing.’ Publishers Weekly

‘Wilson’s first person narrative delivers a tense and suspenseful thriller.’Russell James, Shots Magazine