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UK Publisher: On submission
US Publisher: On submission

Set in Scotland, NARAH, is a dark psychological drama driven by the lifelong obsession of one woman. Madeleine wants to prove that murderers are made not born, and that the unripe mind can be moulded like clay. Madeleine’s dangerous fixation with nurture over nature knows no bounds and her journey becomes intertwined with those of her daughter, Katy, and her young patient, Maeve.

Perfect. That’s the word that they all use. Madeleine is perfect. Model parent. Model wife. Respected psychiatrist. But Madeleine is good at acting, at hiding the other side of her. She does it when her husband asks about her day and when the school mums flatter her. No one sees what she’s really doing, how she’s manipulating and twisting – shaping them from the inside out – and turning them into something new.

She knows she’s right; that if you capture a child’s mind, then you can write its future – compel them to do anything.

What Madeleine can’t control is the strength of Katy and Maeve and the actions of those around them. Just as Madeleine is on the brink of achieving what she wants, her own past comes to the fore in unexpected ways.

Told through multiple perspectives NARAH is a powerful and compelling read by a major new talent in the crime writing world, reminiscent of Abigail Dean, Michael Robotham and Ashley Audrain.


Zoë Rankin grew up in a rural Scottish village, and she now lives in New Zealand with her husband and...