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Hour of Darkness

It’s Earth Hour. Around the world people are switching off their lights to mark the global energy crisis. Violent criminals use the cover of darkness to wage terror on the exclusive Constantia Valley outside Cape Town.

A series of disappearances and a mysterious death sees the return of Rowe’s popular Detective Persy Jonas. Percy, with the help of her latest love interest, Detective Ren Tucker, is disturbed by an abduction that evokes her own abandonment as a child. When one ofthe missing turns up dead, followed by a ransom demand, the hunt intensifies. Links to violent gangsters and shady politicians lead her to the crime-ridden township of Khayelitsha. Soon she is engulfed in a political firestorm, where even her own police force cannot protect her and she is faced with a terrible choice – her very own hour of darkness.


‘Great plotting and insight into her characters make for a fast and furious read. The only problem is you will be heartbroken when you finish it.’ – New Age Cape Times

‘Hour of Darkness is a top-notch spine-chilling crime thriller bursting with suspense, conspiracy and skulduggery to the very last full stop on the very last page. Rowe’s first novel in this series, What Hidden Lies, won the coveted internation Crime Writer’s Association Debut Dagger Award in 2011.’ – Marti Wills,

 ‘A well-crafted and carefully planned story.’ –