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How To Be A Better Parent

UK Publisher: Vermillion

Children who aren’t as perfectly behaved as their parents would like don’t need sighs and cuddles, they need training. Most bad behaviour is simply a matter of habit and bad habits can easily be traded in for good ones, if you know how. This book is written by a parent for parents with children aged 3 to 13, drawing upon the advice of two key experts. It covers all the flashpoints that bedevil family life – from bedtimes and homework, to nightmare car journeys and the deafness that strikes when a child is asked to tidy up. Children who complain about friends, school, unfairness and eating their greens can be transformed with the help of some simple skills and down-to-earth practical advice. The book is written in the form of a dialogue between a struggling parent and the experts and contains easy-to-follow advice such as ‘Six steps to getting a child to do as you ask’ or ‘How to get a child to admit a mistake’.

“I’m a better parent for reading this – and I’m an expert”
Oliver James, clinical psychologist

“…her words of wisdom about responding positively should be handed out to new parents at birth”

Times Educational Supplement
“a really helpful book, filled with practical advice”

Daily Telegraph
“a book that all parents will find funny, enlightening – and absolutely essential”