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How to be Married

UK Publisher: Headline

Domestic goddess? Yummy mummy? Having it all? It’s impossible.

It’s hard to be a woman. It’s even harder to be a wife…

Sadie Drew thinks she must be the world’s worst wife. She only needs to walk into a room to make it untidy. She wears flannel pyjamas in bed. She can’t cook. Furry things live in her fridge. But she’s a busy, working mother not a wifebot, and her husband Tom loves her as she is. Until he gets a new, high-pressure job and things start to change.

There are his colleagues’ terrifying uber-wives to entertain. Tom works later and later. Then there are the endless rows, and the smell of another woman’s perfume on his suit. Sadie has a choice: risk losing everything or transform herself into the perfect wife.

What is a perfect wife anyway?