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In At The Deep End

UK Publisher: Quadrille Publishing

For as long as Jake Tilson can remember he has always been scared of fish. Mysterious ice-laden market stalls have been sidestepped, unidentifiable white fillets passed over and intimidating seafood recipes left safely on the shelf, while the few occasions he has attempted to cook it have met with disaster. In at the Deep End sees the award-winning artist, designer, writer and cook finally overcome his last culinary taboo by travelling the globe on a quest to buy, prepare and cook fish and seafood. An evocative, marvellously layered and wonderfully illustrated exploration of Jake s many experiences with fish, this delightful food memoir and recipe book catalogues his journey from fish-phobic to seafood obsessive. Whether cooking mussels in Sydney or sprats in Sweden, visiting the fish markets of Tokyo or snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, Jake s unquenchable interest in every aspect of the sea and fish cookery is unstoppable. His acute eye and enticing culinary experiments and recipes make In at the Deep End a book to be read, savoured, used and, above all, enjoyed.