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Jail Bird

UK Publisher: Harper Collins

Lily King has spent years behind bars. Convicted of murdering her husband, London villain Leo King, she hasn’t been missed. Everyone believes she got what she deserved, but Lily knows she was fitted up.

Now she’s out – and she doesn’t do forgiveness.
In her absence, things have moved on and the old order has changed. But now she’s ready to reclaim her position as head of the King family and some people aren’t going to know what’s hit them…


‘Fans of Martina Cole will love this’ Teesside Evening Gazette

‘Keane’s have a grittiness and strong sense of place and character that make them especially compelling’ Choice Magazine

‘This book was an absolute corker. The storytelling is, as usual, brilliant and she manages to create very believable scenarios without it bordering on the unrealistic… If I were Martina Cole I would be looking over my shoulder for a certain Ms Keane!’